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This is Children of Arathor's guild page. Here you can find recruitment info as well as our back story and rules of the guild. If you wish to apply please visit the recruitment section of the forums.

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A Guild is born

Tabris123451, Sep 17, 11 3:45 AM.
  Yeah, so I was playing in another guild, and I saw someone looking for an RP guild. I joke ninja invited for shits and giggles, but soon after realized that there wasn't really an RP guild on the server. I  decided I was interested in feeling this void and I have a untapped urge to write stories and so Children of Arathor was born. It's in it's rough early stages at the moment but as time goes on things will smooth out. I am going to start writing the outline for why we exist, and I would appreciate it if everyone in the guild would try to mold their character to atleast have a reason to be within this group, be it for personal gain or for the good of the group. I will be writing a few rules (Just so that we have a rough skeleton and everyone is on the same page) that will need to be followed in the guild. Would also appreciate if everyone could please give an atleast brief description of their character in the appropriate section of the forms so everyone knows what everyone is about and, once again, everyone is on the same page.

In the next few days I will be devising a semi-complex ranking system involving two paths of progression in the guild. One will be a Military Progression and the other will be Aristrocratic. I will go into a lot more detail on these subjects in their own post.

Also, we do plan to raid and how much RP will be incorporated into the raiding depends on the mood of the guild at that time, I know as much as any of you do at this point. But be aware, I do have big plans.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Tabris123451, Sep 17, 11 3:15 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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